Patent Title: ECG Clock Electrocardiogram Based Diagnostic Device And Method

Inventors: Jean-Philippe Couderc, Mehmet K. Aktas, Tolga Soyata, Alex T. Page

US Patent Number: 10,085,667 B2 (10/2/2018)

US Patent Application Number: 15/368,587 (Dec 2016)

Provisional Application: 2015

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Patent Title: probabilistically Banked Content Addressable Memory and Storage

Inventor: Tolga Soyata

US Patent Number: 8,917,530 B2 (issued 2/4/2015)

US Patent Application Number: 13/747,166 (2/14/2013)

Attorney Docket Number: 5988-008-US01   (1/22/2013)

Provisional Application: Application No 61/589,581 (1/23/2012)

Invention Disclosure : University of Rochester,  OTT  (3/21/2011)

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